Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weekly Construction Update: 9/8/2011

This week, the following work is expected:
·         Complete stair installation on west side of south plaza
·         Complete granite cap installation on south plaza east/west wall
·         Partial removal of scaffolding required for granite cap installation
·         Install south storefront glass
·         Install east stairs on south plaza
·         Install handrails on south plaza stairways and ramps
·         Install remaining miscellaneous pavers on south plaza
·         Install limestone on south plaza north/south walls
·         Delivery of granite caps for south plaza north/south walls

Next week, contractors will:
·         Finish removing the scaffolding structure on the south plaza
·         Complete handrail installation
·         Finish installing the granite caps on the south plaza north/south wall
·         Complete final clean-up of the south plaza
·         Relocate the temporary wall currently behind reception to the north side
·         Prep the lobby for primary entrance via the south plaza

Construction is now targeted to transition to the north plaza on or about 9/19/2011. Temporary directional signage will be posted when the north plaza is enclosed by fencing to secure the construction zone.

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