Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekly Construction Update: 11/2/2012

This week the following work was expected:

·          Painting in the Office Tower west offices
·          Carpet installation in the west offices
·          Ongoing  installation of the Office Tower elevator
·          Continued framing and hanging drywall in the elevator lobbies on each floor
·          Work on the ceiling around the elevators
·          Ongoing preparation of floors for tiling in the Welcome Center
·          Ongoing tiling of the Welcome Center floor
·          Installation and wiring of loading dock gates
·          Installation of wall covering in the Welcome Center
·          Installation of millwork in the acolyte room
·          Final floor tiling in the lower level
·          Installation of door frame in the lower level
·          Painting the stairwell leading from the lower level/Great Hall to the current lobby
·          Clear equipment etc. from Great Hall (Burrill Hall) to allow floor to be prepped for carpeting
·          Continued backfilling in east ramp
·          Shotcrete and waterproofing of the Cathedral foundation wall (East wall along North plaza)
·          Concrete pouring north plaza ramp
·          Preparation for exterior cleaning of Office Tower

Next week the following work is expected:

·          Exterior cleaning of Office Tower
·          Ongoing work on the ceiling grid in the Office Tower west offices and elevator lobbies, floor 2 -4
·          Reworking of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing in the Office Tower west offices
·          Finish installing drop ceiling tiles in west offices
·          Painting in west offices
·          Begin carpeting in west offices
·          Concrete pouring of the following plaza components/areas: stairs to the lower level, west sidewalk, north plaza ramp, bench piers, sign foundations
·          Ongoing installation of floor tile in Welcome Center
·          Painting in the Welcome Center (into Saturday)
·          Installation of vinyl composition tile in slop sink/dock area
·          Installation of stair 3 handrails
·          Installation of doors and hardware in the Addition
·          Installation of storefront doors in Welcome Center
·          Final painting in Lower Level and Great Hall area
·          Prep of Great Hall floor for carpeting
·          Begin carpeting of the Great Hall floor
·          Installation of Lower Level stair handrails
·          Installation of doors and hardware in the lower level

*The sidewalk on Huron will be closed through the end of next week (11/9/2012). Be prepared to seek alternate routes to enter the office building* 

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