Thursday, June 14, 2012

Weekly Construction Update: 6/14/2012

This week, the following work is expected:
  • Final connections in cooling tower, re-starting of chillers, and restoration of air conditioning
  • Pouring of concrete floor in Welcome Center
  • Removal of tree in plaza and excavation of sidewalk for tie-in of new water line to the City’s water main
  • Drywalling and taping of ceilings in lower level
  • Continued work on CMU walls on west side of office building
  • Beginning to install limestone on east side walls of plaza
  • Cut hole in roof of office building for elevator room
Next week, the following work is expected:

  • Complete installation of limestone walls on east side of plaza
  • Demo CMU walls in west offices around elevator shaft
  • Begin 1st coat of painting in lower level
  • Assemble and install pumps
  • Tile kitchen floor in lower level
  • Begin laying out walls in addition
  • Continue work on building over-hang ceilings

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