Thursday, July 12, 2012

Weekly Construction Update: 7/12/2012

After a brief update hiatus, we are back to fill you in on all of the work that has been completed in our renovation project since mid-June.

Over the past three weeks the following work was completed:

Lower Level
·         Taping and sanding of drywall in the lower level
·         Work on the new water main
·         First coat of paint in the lower level
·         Pouring concrete pad for sprinkler pump
·         Pouring concrete pad for house pump
·         Tile floors and walls in lower level kitchen
·         Delivery and installation of kitchen equipment
·         Ongoing mechanical, electrical and plumbing work in the lower level ceiling
·         Ongoing tiling work in lower level restroom
·         Framing west of ramp (lower level)

Welcome Center
·         Laying out walls in the Welcome Center (link addition)
·         Building cinder block walls around elevator shaft
·         Installation of top track
·         Application of fire-proofing
·         Installation of window frames
·         Limestone work
·         Mechanical, electrical and plumbing work
·         Installation of storefront frames
·         Framing walls

·         Duct work, lighting, drywall, and taping the building overhang/plaza ceiling
·         Installation of limestone on all sides of east plaza wall
·         Installation of limestone caps on east and upper plaza walls
·         Filling hole in lower level north wall
·         Placement of stair treads on plaza steps

This week the following work is scheduled to be completed:
·         Continued work on the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing in the lower level ceiling grid
·         Removal of the concrete wall by the existing elevator
·         Removal of the ramp in the lower level
·         New concrete work in the lower level
·         Finishing-up installation of limestone caps on the east facing plaza wall
·         Beginning installation of expansion joints on the plaza
·         Backfilling excavated areas around future plaza planter and seating areas
·         Sample pour of permeable concrete that will cover large portions of the north plaza
·         Continued mechanical, electrical and plumbing work in the Welcome Center
·         Installation of clearstory window frames in the Welcome Center
·         Continued work on installing storefront and door frames in the Welcome Center
·         Framing walls and soffits in the Welcome Center
·         Installation of glass doors in current lobby/gallery space

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