Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weekly Construction Update: 11/10/2011

This week the following work is taking place:
  • Demolition of lower level concrete
  • Construction of temporary partitions between staff work space and elevator construction zones on floors 2 - 4.
  • Demolition of wall panels surrounding concrete elevator shaft
  • Demolition of ceiling around existing elevator
  • Continued installation of framing and can lights for exterior building overhang ceiling

Next week the following work is expected:
  • Continued excavation around exterior north building wall (lower level)
  • Installation of footings for new columns (lower level)
  • Demolition and removal of concrete blocks surrounding existing elevator shaft
  • Continued demolition of ceiling surrounding existing elevator
  • Demolition of concrete beams related to existing elevator
  • Beginning to insulate and close exterior building overhang ceiling

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