Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weekly Construction Update: 4/18/2012

This week the following work is expected:
  • Set pavers on the upper tier of the north plaza
  • Install fire department piping on the upper tier of the north plaza
  • Set limestone on walls abutting upper tier surfaces of north plaza
  • Ongoing ceiling installation on building overhanging storefront
  • Removal of the flue pipe from current location
  • Relocation of radiator related to the flue pipe
  • Roof and skylight work on the link structure
  • Detail framing in the link structure
  • Framing walls in the lower level
  • Installation of door frames in the lower level
  • Inspection of walls in lower level
Next week the following work is expected:
  • Continuing to set limestone on exterior walls abutting upper tier of the north plaza
  • Setting limestone caps on walls of north plaza upper tier
  • Complete installation of ceiling on building overhanging storefront
  • Installation of new flue pipe in new location
  • Removal of scaffolding used to access and remove flue pipe from old location
  • Demo of temporary roofing in link structure
  • Demo of vesting sacristy roof
  • Beginning to drywall walls in lower level

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