Friday, December 21, 2012

Weekly Construction Update: 12/21/2012

The Welcome Center is now open. On Monday 12/17/12, we began using the Welcome Center as the main entrance for St. James Commons. The majority of the lower N. Plaza is complete and now open to the public. The building can once again be accessed from Huron Street - now from our new main entrance. However, the ramp up to the Welcome Center and labyrinth area on the North Plaza remain incomplete and closed that this time. Please note that the S. Plaza does have a ramp, if needed.

Please note that the former St. James Commons lobby is now a construction site and Pepper Construction has begun work in earnest.

This week the following work was expected:
  • Demolition of the ceiling in the former office tower lobby/new gallery space

Next week the following work is expected:
  • Continued demolition of the ceiling of the former office tower lobby
  • Installation of framing for new ceiling
  • Installation of frames and doors in the former lobby/new gallery space
  • Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work in the new gallery space

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